Thursday, 19 July 2012

Mysti answers "Which Came First: The World or The Elves?"

For day 5 of Mysti's Book Tour Nikki from Close Encounters With The Night Kind asked Mysti...

Which Came First: The World or The Elves?

Here is an excerpt from the guest post...

"Caliphany, the beautiful, kick-ass wizard/ranger from A Ranger’s Tale was my first “child”, born out of many years playing MMORPGs and watching the amazing archery feats of Orlando Bloom as Legolas. I began writing roleplaying stories about her, deciding that the tall buxom blonde must be a high-elf, and would therefore come from a large elven city. I knew she would be magically inclined, but wanted instead to live the life of a ranger. That decision would have to be frowned upon by her family, since elves life the hoity-toity life apart from the rest of the world. But, more than that, she couldn’t come from just any old elven family. No, the conflict had to be greater, so I made her the niece of the king. I did consider princess briefly, but that idea’s grown a little cliché."

Please click HERE to read the full interview.


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