Tuesday, 31 July 2012

R.E. Butler Shares Her Experience as an Indie Writer

For day six of R.E. Butler's tour she speaks to Red Phoenix about her experiences as an Indie Writer.

Here is an excerpt from the interview...

"1) What made you decide to publish erotica and what would you say are the hardest and most enjoyable aspects of being an erotica author?

I didn't really set out to publish erotica. While there are authors out there that like to ride trends, I write what comes to me because it’s what I love. I sat down to write, and when I went to publish, I discovered that some of my stories were classified as erotica. It certainly didn't bother me to be in a category with other such incredible authors as Virginia Wade, Carl East, Katie Cramer, and the amazing Red Phoenix (to name a few). The truth is I write about things I like.

One of the hardest things about erotica is the competition. There are so many erotica books out there, and new ones being published every day. For me, that means I have to write better books. Better storylines and better characters at better prices so I can retain my current fans and draw in new ones. My favorite thing is the freedom that comes from exploring a more uninhibited story."

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