Friday, 2 November 2012

Touring the World, One Blog at a Time - A Guest Post by R.E. Butler

We had the pleasure of touring with R.E. Butler back in July this year and the tour was a huge success. We enjoyed one minute of it and it is so glad to hear that she felt the same! 

R.E. Butler has written a lovely guest post all about her experience of touring with us for our sister site Read 2 Review. We decided that the post should be shared with our PTBT readers too. We hope you enjoy it as much as we did...

"During the summer of 2012, I did something that I hadn’t ever done before: I hired a professional editor and cover designer for the first book of a brand new series. Up to that point, I had a friend who did my beta-reading and created my covers for free, and I hadn’t done any real marketing of any of my previous book series besides a personal blog and Twitter. Since I was doing something new — paying for professional help — I decided it was time to really take a good look at what marketing options were available. 

I subscribe to numerous blogs of authors or reviewers that I enjoy, and for so long I’d taken part in “blog tours” as a fan without ever really knowing how they came about. I had just signed up with Mysti Parker (of the Unwritten blog) for a giveaway on her blog, and while I was perusing her site, I noticed she had done a blog tour with Page Turner Book Tours. I looked up PTBT to see what it was all about. 

At that point, I was a week away from publishing the first book in my new series, The Tribe’s Bride (The Necklace Chronicles), and Kate — who could have run screaming when she found out the short deadline — embraced me and took the helm for my tour. We must have shared a hundred emails during that week! She handled it all, from signing up blogs to sending me the interview questions and guest post topics. When the tour started, she was right there with me, making sure the posts got posted, and winners were drawn from each blog. 

How did it feel to blog tour with Kate? I felt like a total celebrity and it was awesome! I was interviewed, had blogs spotlight my book, and made contacts in other parts of the world. It was such a blast. Since the tour, I’ve been asked if I thought it was a success, and I can say that yes, it was. My UK sales (which hadn’t been that great) have steadily grown for not only my necklace series, but my other series as well. I would definitely recommend blog tours to any authors that are looking to make contacts and get the word out about their stories. 

Self-publishing can be a lonely place, as you take on everything by yourself. Once the book is written and published, more often than not, self-published authors just don’t know where to go for help with marketing. 

A good place to start is Page Turner Book Tours."

You can find R.E. Butler at the following places: 

Read 2 Review have also put together a list for Amazon UK and Amazon USA of links where you can purchase all of R.E. Butler's Books, click HERE

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