Sunday, 9 December 2012

British Romance Fiction Blog Reviews The Tide Breaker by Sonya Watson

For Sonya's next tour date with Page Turner Book Tours she stops by British Romance Fiction Blog for a review.

Here is an excerpt from the review...

"This is a highly complex mythological tale centred on the personal growth and traumas of Abrianna. It is undefined in time, apart from a brief flash of someone being spirited into 2010; in terms of locality, there is a brief reference to New York State. The action takes place against a background of inter-species conflict. The named species have their mythological bases. Homo Sapiens is in conflict with the Wendigoes (Cannibalistic spirits in Algonquin (Native American) mythology, the Nephilim (a race of giants in Canaan, described in the Book of Job ' the product of sampling forbidden fruit), and 'original fictional' tribes such as Primes, Strangelings and Elementals. "

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  1. "The Tide Breakers" sounds like a fascinating book. I will be putting that on the top of my Christmas list. Thanks! Another great book that focuses on personal growth is called, "Quest for the Lost Name" by author George Makris. This a novel that is a romantic adventure wrapped into a mystery in which the main character must go through personal growth and transformation. LOVED IT!!!