Monday, 3 December 2012

Imaginary Friends join Tara Fox Hall and The Right 50 Words

For Tara's next tour date with Page Turner Book Tours she stops by Imaginary Friends for a guest post titled "The Right 50 Words".

Here is an excerpt from the guest post...

"Thank you to the lovely Sara Jayne for having me here today at Imaginary Friends to talk about my second Lash Series book, Shadow Man. Blurbs are important tools for any writer. They are necessary for ads, publisher listings and Amazon review sites, even when the work in question is not a novel. Usually, a blurb is strictly a word count of fifty words or less. But how do you choose the right fifty words to represent your work, especially if the project in question is a hundred thousand word novel?"

Please click HERE to read the full feature.


Our next stop is:

With My World for a review of Shadow Man (Lash Series, Book 2)


Tour stops still to come: 

5th Dec - Tink's Place - Guest Post

6th Dec - Kaidans Seduction - Review

7th Dec - Lisa's World Of Books - Guest Post

8th Dec - Pandragon Dan - Spotlight

9th Dec - M.M. Shelley - Guest Post

10th Dec - Unwritten - Guest Post

11th Dec - Pat McDermott - Interview

12th Dec - Bitsy Bling Books - Review

13th Dec - Sheenah Freitas - Guest Post

14th Dec - Read 2 Review - Review

15th Dec - Paranormal Book Club - Review

16th Dec - Fang-Tastic Books - Guest Post

17th Dec - Reading, Writing and More - Guest Post

18th Dec - Marian L - Review

19th Dec - J.S. Council - Review

20th Dec - Page Turner Book Tours - Closing To Tour


Dont forget your chances to win at each date and also our Page Turner Book Tours exclusive competition

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