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"Caitlin’s story touched me deep in my soul" ~ Marina

"Terri Morgan's depictions of the disorder are realistic as well as haunting." ~ Allizabeth Collins

At fifteen, Ava ran away from home and changed her name to Caitlin to escape the chaotic childhood of having two schizophrenic parents. However, she lives with the constant fear of what lies in her DNA. Will she succumb to the disease that robbed her of a normal childhood? Will her children be the next victims of the family curse?

"its a roller-coaster ride of emotions" ~ Sandra

Looking for an emotional and touching story of human strength and overcoming obstacles? Read Terri Morgan's fictional memoir PLAYING THE GENETIC LOTTERY.


"As a clinical psychologist I have witnessed the suffering of children first hand. Terri Morgan's well told narrative describing the insecurity and confusion of growing up with schizophrenic parents and the hard struggle to develop a sense of personal self worth and adult identity is typical of the many stories that I have heard. It is told with so many vivid memories and recall of painful feelings that it is sure promote empathetic understanding in anyone who reads this book." Heather B. Cattell Ph.D Clinical Psychologist and author of The 16PF: Personality in Depth

"Terri Morgan is an eloquent writer on the subject of schizophrenia. I believe she is a remarkable author because of her unquestionable evidence of elaborate research on experiences with schizophrenia. She has opened the door to a minority group that is largely misunderstood and misrepresented. I support her anti-stigma efforts as both an advocate and individual living with the illness, by promoting this book because it educates readers on the myths, lifestyles, and treatments of individuals living with schizophrenia." Ashley Smith, founder of Embacing My Mind.

"I commend Ms. Morgan for writing a novel that examines such complicated issues. It is important for us to use literature as a means of educating others about mental illness and fighting against the stigma in our society." Joseph Maldonado, MS,

From the Author:

I've always been fascinated by human behavior and intrigued by how a person's environment and genetic background influences their behavior. When I sat down to write Playing the Genetic Lottery my goal was to create a page-turner that would explore that question through an engaging novel. By the time I finished the book my goals expanded. I hope my novel will help educate people about schizophrenia, how it can be treated, and how family members and close friends are impacted when a loved one is ill, as well as entertain readers. By raising awareness about schizophrenia, I hope to raise compassion. I also hope my novel validates the experiences of families and caregivers, and helps remind them of how valuable their love and support is.

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