Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Castle Macabre Continue The Rebels Read-A-Long With Chapter 11

For Elizabeth Lang's next date on The Rebels tour with Page Turner Book Tours she stops by with Castle Macabre for the eleventh chapter on The Rebels Read-A-Long. 

Here is an excerpt from Chapter 11...

"A hundred credits. Bryce brushed the broad rim on his dashing new hat, bending it back against the stiff material. It was too bad they didn’t use old fashioned currency anymore. The sound of coins jiggling in his pocket would have been magical. 

An orphaned sunbeam reached down and warmed his face, and birds chirruped a cheerful song. They were a hardy bunch here, not going south for vacations in warmer climes. Like that panther thing, a chitterling, the locals called it. Kali had actually named the ugly thing. Eelie, or a pain in his posterior region, as the lieutenant would say. 

A hundred credits. It wasn’t a fortune, of course, not like a hundred million credits. But when you didn’t have a dust mite to your name, a hundred was a lot. Well, a hundred minus twenty or so for the hat and some food, and whatever was left from the sale of the bands. Bryce ran his fingers along the brim of the hat and angled it a bit more to the left. He imagined it made him look like an adventurer from one of those holo-vids, the kind where the hero went on quests and came back with chests full of treasure and a buxom beauty on his arm. 

Things were looking up. The locals had been mightily impressed by the job on the compressor and a couple wanted Adrian to fix a few more things. Having a business might be fun." 

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