Friday, 22 March 2013

Elizabeth Lang Stops By Peace From Pieces For A Guest Post

For Elizabeth Lang's next date on The Empire tour with Page Turner Book Tours she stops by with Peace From Pieces for a guest post. 

Here is an excerpt from the guest post..

"Writer scratches her head. Sometimes free reign can be a dangerous thing, or leave you staring at a blank page an hour later because the scope is just sooo big. Where do I begin… That sounds like a good start to a song. But I swear I’ve heard it somewhere before. Okay, I’m procrastinating. Time to write…something. 

One of the Empire characters, Charles Sester, enters her consciousness. 

Sester: What are you doing? 
Writer: I have to do this topic for a guest blog. Write on anything related to reading or writing. 
Sester: You’re writing about us. 
Writer: Not necessarily."

Please click HERE to read the full feature.


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