Saturday, 30 March 2013

Iris Reviews The Empire By Elizabeth Lang

For Elizabeth Lang's next date on The Empire tour with Page Turner Book Tours Iris from Read 2 Review joins us for a guest review. 

The Empire is an original piece of romantic sci-fi novel. The world is coming to an end and the invasion of aliens has begun. Enter Adrian who was enlisted to help the government to fight these aliens as a scientist. Adrian refuses and decides to hide with Kali, a humanoid. From here, it seems as if Adrian may have forsaken his responsibilities for his own freedom but as the readers read on, they would realize that not everything is as it seems. A noble intention when misplaced and misused can cause the suffering of others. With this action-packed plot, the readers are always kept on suspense as they filled themselves with questions on their mind. Will Adrian finally gives up and finishes the project as the government desires or can he live the life he desires with Kali by his side? Will mankind survive this invasion? All these questions act as stimuli for the reader to continue reading and find the answers to their questions. 

 In other words, it deeply involves the readers with the development of the characters. Despite sci-fi not being one of my favorite genres, it surprises me that I cannot stop myself from flipping the pages until I finally finished reading the last page. The sci-fi elements are quite mild and graspable which suit beginner sci-fi readers. At the same time, the author has managed to inspire an interest in me to give sci-fi books a chance. This is indeed a series that is worth my time and I am certain that the next installment will not be a disappointment.



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