Thursday, 14 March 2013

Natasha Larry Books Continue The Rebels Read-A-Long With Chapter 10

For Elizabeth Lang's next date on The Rebels tour with Page Turner Book Tours she stops by with Natasha Larry Books for the tenth chapter on The Rebels Read-A-Long. 

Here is an excerpt from Chapter 10...

"Adrian groaned as a bubbling volcano of pain erupted in his head. He twisted against the metal bands holding him to the table, but it was no good. 

A deep male voice boomed, “Solve the equations, boy. Use your mind.” 

Holographic numbers and symbols in complex equations floated above him. 

His body shivered. It was cold, always so cold. 

“No!” He shut his eyes but they were still there inside his head, the numbers beckoning, and his mind responded, doing what it was supposed to despite his will to deny. 

“I can’t.”" 

Please click HERE to read the full feature.


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