Monday, 25 March 2013

NOW SCHEDULING: Legacy Of The Dragonkin by Dan Wright

Page Turner Book Tours are now scheduling our Gramata Tour for…. 

Legacy Of The Dragonkin by Dan Wright 

Tour Dates: 12th April to 26th April

We are looking for bloggers and authors with websites to join our ever growing list of hosts for Excerpts, Interviews, Guest Posts, Spotlights/Showcases and Reviews.

If you are interested in this tour and would like to host Dan Wright on your blog please email us.


Legacy Of The Dragonkin Blurb:

Benji Dragonkin aspires to be a hero, just like his mother - Queen Daniar Dragonkin. He wants to become a famous warrior so that he can save the day - and win the heart of his long time friend, Lydia Taurok. But with his mother being overly protective of him, and a dark side to his father that threatens to tear their family apart, Benji has a long way to go just yet.

Zarracka Dragonkin, still a prisoner of Daniar, plots her revenge against her sister - and Benji may just be the key to her victory.

And in the land of Drewghaven, the Kthonian Knights arise once more, determined to once again bring forth their revenge against the men of the world. Their leader, Jihadain, seeks to settle old scores with Daniar - and break her spirit in the process.

With villains gathering and allies faltering, Benji sees this as a chance to prove himself a true warrior. But even more harrowing is a warning that his mother receives, forshadowing a greater evil: 

"She is coming..."

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About Dan Wright: 

Dan lives in the UK, his hometown being Canterbury, Kent. A huge fan of both Fantasy and Manga, he has a style that combines both within his writing, which lets him tell stories that are both dramatic and tongue-in-cheek at the same time.

Dan also runs his own website, blog and even a wiki page that goes into detail of the world of Draconica. He is also a reviewer for the website Read2Review and also reviews books independently on his own website. 

Authors who have inspired Dan are Douglas Adams, J.R.R Tolkien, Harlan Ellison, Alan Moore, Joss Whedon, H.P Lovecraft, George R.R Martin and Hiromu Arakawa.

 You can connect with Dan Wright at the following places: 

 Website | Facebook | Twitter

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