Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Sheenah Freitas Continue The Rebels Read-A-Long With Chapter 9

For Elizabeth Lang's next date on The Rebels tour with Page Turner Book Tours she stops by with Sheenah Freitas for the ninth chapter on The Rebels Read-A-Long. 

Here is an excerpt from Chapter 9...

" Adrian’s hand reached out, his fingers trembling. A big red button waited for him, its glossy surface a tempting treat. 

An insistent masculine voice pressed behind him, “You must do this. You were trained to do this. Do not disappoint me.” 

Sweat crawled down Adrian’s back and he forced his fingers forward. He knew the experiment worked. He had poured his heart into it, spending sleepless nights sweating over every detail. 

A dozen functionaries in crisp white lab coats and tall figures in black uniforms attended, making him feel like a lab animal being put through his paces, but he wasn’t. He was a brilliant scientist about to unveil the next stage in solar transfer technology." 

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