Tuesday, 12 March 2013

The Kat Daughtry Continue The Rebels Read-A-Long With Chapter 8

For Elizabeth Lang's next date on The Rebels tour with Page Turner Book Tours she stops by with The Kat Daughtry for the eighth chapter on The Rebels Read-A-Long. 

Here is an excerpt from Chapter 8...

" Determined rays forced their way through the canopy of leaves and icicles sparkled in rainbow hues as Bryce lifted a gnarled root and stared at it suddenly as a chuckle burst from his lips and he looked quickly at the cabin. The root looked like a lumpy carrot, with the Lieutenant’s face, or at least his nose. Long and stern, just the right kind to look down on lesser people. 

He chucked the root into a dented pail and dug his trowel into the dirt, clawing through the thick, withered weeds. In a previous lifetime, this must have been a pretty little garden. Fortunately a few edibles remained. At least Kali had declared them edible. Cold-roots, she called them, adapted for unforgiving temperatures. He knew nothing about growing things—he was a Domer back on Earth. Well, everyone was since The War a millennia ago." 

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