Saturday, 27 April 2013

Digi Book Deals

My great friend Tiana Lebeau has worked hard to set up a brand new website offering the best deals and eBook finds. Here is what she had to say about the site:

"Hi! Welcome to Digi Book Deals the newest most varied book site on the web!

After searching for a long time, we found no other site that offers deals from all E-Reading Venues. If the site has books, chances are there is a free ereading software you can download to read the books on. This has led some of our contributors to have four or five ereader software platforms on their computers, tablets and phones. Talk about a diversified library!

So, today you found Digi Book Deals and on it you will see both new and established authors, featured on our site. Some will be by the request of the author, many will not be. On the upcoming reviews site, you’ll find objective, honest reviews. In time, we’ll allow and encourage our readers to get involved by offering reviews of books as well. Can’t be a community that features YOU and your thoughts.

So, sit back, enjoy and find a good book or two."

Check it out HERE

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