Friday, 1 March 2013

NOW TOURING: The Empire by Elizabeth Lang

"It will be interesting to discover which will make you beg. Will it be the pain or the pleasure?" 

How do you tame a man without breaking his spirit? 

The galaxy is under siege from alien invaders. The Empire is the only force that stands in the gap, trading the freedom of its citizens for a tenuous security. 

Amidst this chaos, Lt. Adrian Stannis is a brilliant scientist trying to stay out of the limelight. He hides on a research vessel plying the Outer Rim and finds peace of a sort with Kali Mirren, a psi-enabled humanoid. But his days of anonymity may be coming to an end. Someone has discovered his secret and is determined to make him pay for his treachery. He must finish the project he abandoned years ago, one the Council deems essential in its fight against the aliens, but things are never that simple where Adrian is concerned. 

Is he more man than machine, or have years hiding behind a mountain of logic eroded his humanity? Can he learn to love and will he be able to survive the tangled web of political expediency and psychological manipulation that surrounds him? 

Will Kali be able to save him from himself, or is there a mystery surrounding him that may explode in their faces? 

Everyone wants to know the truth, but will it set them free? 

About Elizabeth Lang: 

 I'm a science fiction writer who started off life as a computer programmer with a love for reading, especially science fiction, fantasy and mystery. 

Being in computers, I found my writing skills deteriorating so I decided to take up writing. It became a joy to create characters, stories and worlds and writing soon became a passion I couldn't put down. As a writer, I like to explore, not only the complexity of characters but the human condition from differing points of view. That is at the heart of the Empire series, of which 'The Empire' and 'The Rebels' are the first two of a four books series. 


We are proud to start the The Empire tour today with Elizabeth Lang

We are excited for this tour for many reasons the two top reasons are...

1) The Empire Read-A-Long

2) You could win a KOBO MINI 

We also are proud to bring to you reviews, guest posts, interviews and spotlights on this tour. We have been buzzing about this tour for a while now and we are so excited that it is finally here!! 

Here is the tour schedule:

01/03/2013 - Read 2 Review - Guest Post

02/03/2013 - Pandragon Dan - Interview

03/03/2013 - Tribute Books Reviews & Giveaways - Read-A-Long: Chapter 1

04/03/2013 - Vixie's StoriesRead-A-Long: Chapter 2

05/03/2013 - Decadent DecisionsRead-A-Long: Chapter 3

06/03/2013 - Reviews From Beyond the BookRead-A-Long: Chapter 4

07/03/2013 - Great Alpha SpeaksRead-A-Long: Chapter 5

08/03/2013 - Dina Rae Writes Stuff - Guest Post

09/03/2013 - The Edible BookshelfRead-A-Long: Chapter 6

10/03/2013 - Independent Writers AssociationRead-A-Long: Chapter 7

11/03/2013 - Self Publish or Die  - Read-A-Long: Chapter 8

12/03/2013 - Natasha Larry BooksRead-A-Long: Chapter 9

13/03/2013 - Michelle Anderson-PicarellaRead-A-Long: Chapter 10

14/03/2013 - Must Read Faster - Review

14/03/2013 - Tony GraffReview

15/03/2013 - JS Council- Spotlight

16/03/2013 - Finding Bliss - Interview

17/03/2013 - Sheenah FreitasRead-A-Long: Chapter 11

18/03/2013 - Castle MacabreRead-A-Long: Chapter 12

19/03/2013 - My WorldRead-A-Long: Chapter 13

20/03/2013 - Reading, Writing And MoreRead-A-Long: Chapter 14

21/03/2013 - Ami R BlackwelderRead-A-Long: Chapter 15

22/03/2013 - Peace From Pieces - Guest Post

23/03/2013 - The Kat Daughtry - Interview

24/03/2013 - Lorraine Nelson - Spotlight

25/03/2013 - GMTA Paranormal/Young Adult/New AdultReview

25/03/2013 - A Diary Of A Book AddictReview

26/03/2013 - UnwrittenReview

27/03/2013 - Tink's PlaceReview

28/03/2013 - AhmadDarkside's Musings - Spotlight

29/03/2013 - Leanne HerreraReview

30/03/2013 - Sohan Bansode on GoodreadsReview

31/03/2013 - The Writing NetworkReview

31/03/2013 - GMTA UKReview

We hope to see you at these dates =)


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