Friday, 19 April 2013

Sheenah Freitas Interviews Dan Wright

For Dan Wright's next date on the Legacy Of The Dragonkin tour with Page Turner Book Tours he stops by with Sheenah Freitas for an interview. 

Here is an excerpt from the interview...

"1. Legacy of the DragonKin is the sequel to Trapped on Draconica. Did you have any troubles at all when first writing the sequel? I know a lot of authors (myself included) tend to have some problems at first with the transition and tackling that in the first couple chapters.

 I won’t lie, Legacy of the Dragonkin has gone through a TON of re-writes to get to this stage — and I changed the idea for the story several times before I was happy with it. The original sequel was going to be much darker than this one, but I changed it as it was too overly depressing and I felt that I still kinda needed an upbeat kinda tone. 

 In the end though, I think it turned out ok. I think the problem is when you’re writing a sequel is that, in its own way, it needs to be its own standalone story as well as continuing the storyline (if that makes any sense), so you need to make sure that new readers can understand what’s going on, without needing to read the previous book, and that old readers can follow on with the characters. It’s a hard balance, but hopefully I did that right with this one!"

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